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Our Story


The story began in the 20th century when Charlie and Hazel exchanged vows and started their journey together. In the mid-twenties, their family grew with the arrival of twin boys, Jack and Jerry. Charlie, a successful tobacco farmer, owned multiple farms across southwestern Ontario. However, their prosperity took a turn when the great depression struck. Charlie was forced to sell off some of their farms, and to make matters worse, he suffered a stroke and passed away a few months later. Despite facing numerous offers from interested buyers, Hazel, determined to provide for her two young boys, decided to hold onto the farm and do whatever it took to pay off their debts. She even sold her wedding ring and transformed their home into a bed and breakfast, hosting chicken dinners on the weekends.

As World War II unfolded, the boys made life-altering decisions. They flipped a coin, and Jerry went off to war, parachuting into Belgium, while Jack took charge of the farm and started a trucking company until the war's end. Jerry eventually moved to the USA with his bride, while Jack continued to manage the farm and trucks. Over the years, the trucking company flourished, and Jack formed strong bonds with the new farmers who arrived from overseas after the war.

Times changed, and Jack eventually sold the trucks and retired for a year. However, his passion for farming led him to build a state-of-the-art greenhouse range. Despite facing challenges, the farm, now known as Hazel Farms, paid homage to the generations that came before them. They believed in the power of good karma and were rewarded with expansion and the addition of multiple high-tech glass locations, staffed by a dedicated and talented team.

Hazel Farms remains committed to honoring the legacy of innovators and farmers who paved the way before them. Their mission is to be the best in their field, providing customers with the highest quality products. The loyalty of their customers, who return week after week to purchase their goods from grocery stores, is a testament to their success. This achievement would not be possible without the contribution of their incredibly talented team members.

If you possess talent, drive, and a desire to be part of a growing company with deep roots, we invite you to click on the "contact us" link and fill out the form. We would be thrilled to welcome you to our team.

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